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Fire TV, and Amazon's Commitment to Consumption

New Yorker (blog) - 02 Apr 2014
Amazon has unveiled a new device for your television. It's called Amazon Fire TV. In the industry, it's known as a set-top box. It's black, about the size of a ham sandwich, and extremely powerful. It has “over 3x the processing power of Apple TV ...
amazon fire tv

How to Install Kodi on an Amazon Fire Stick

MakeUseOf - 15 Feb 2019
The great thing about installing Kodi on the Fire Stick is that it can be done quickly, without a PC. We're going to look at three options that you can use to install ...
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Is Hulu available on Amazon Fire TV?

Cordcutters - 11 Feb 2019
Best answer: Yes, Hulu is available on Amazon Fire TV. It runs the latest Hulu app with the newest features and add-ons available. It also supports Hulu with ...
amazon fire tv

Does Amazon Fire TV Stick have YouTube?

Android Central - 23 Jan 2019
Best answer: There is no official application for YouTube, but there are multiple options to watch YouTube on the Amazon Fire TV stick, such as utilizing the Silk ...

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