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alex from target

Alex From Target: The Other Side of Fame

New York Times - 12 Nov 2014
Two weeks ago, 16-year-old Alex Lee was your run-of-the-mill teenager. He woke up at 7 for school. He loved playing soccer. He got into trouble for not taking ...
alex from target

What Is Alex Morgan's Net Worth?

TheStreet.com - 14 Aug 2019
Alex Morgan is a women's soccer supernova who is, in the opinion of many, vastly underpaid. Find out how much she's worth...
alex from target

WTF is ‘Alex from Target’?

Digiday - 06 Nov 2014
An Internet meme of a young Target employee bagging items has taken the Web by storm. Here's the truth behind "Alex from Target." As far as we can tell.
alex from target

Alex From Target: Where Is He Now?

J-14 Magazine - 10 Jan 2018
Alex LaBeouf, also known as Alex Lee and Alex from Target, rose to social media fame way back in early 2014 when he legitimately became a Twitter sensation ...

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