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2014 election results

Why Alaska Election Results Are Taking Sooooo Long

ABC News - 04 Nov 2014
According to Gail Fenumiai, the director of the Alaska Division of Elections, there are 23,609 early and absentee ballots deemed eligible for counting. These are already received and reviewed as eligible. They sent out another 13,800 absentee ballots ...
2014 election results

Election results five years later

Star-News - 25 Jul 2019
Ultimately, did the election of 2014 matter? No. Roughly five years ago, John McCann defeated Steve Padilla as both men were attempting a return to City Hall.
2014 election results

Eric Holder Urges Judges to Vote Democratic

The Wall Street Journal - 14 Aug 2019
Most U.S. attorneys general avoid partisan politics after leaving office. That's not the case with Eric Holder. In 2016 Mr. Holder, who headed the Justice ...
2014 election results

Argentina’s Chance of Default Soars

24/7 Wall St. - 17 Aug 2019
Credit rating agency Fitch believes that the financial and political unrest in Argentina has substantially increased the chance it will default on its sovereign debt.
2014 election results

State Roundup, August 16, 2019

MarylandReporter.com - 16 Aug 2019
The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration is recalling 8000 driver's licenses for failing to meet Real ID compliance; while county leaders are being encouraged ...

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