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Iggy Pop

Pitchfork - 11 Sep 2019
Years ago, the world tacitly accepted there was a line separating Jim Osterberg and his feral creation Iggy Pop. Osterberg devised the street-walking cheetah persona of Iggy Pop as a way to tap into his primal urges, but the idea that he was playing a role only ...
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The Survival of Iggy Pop

The New Yorker - 02 Sep 2019
Amanda Petrusich and Iggy Pop, an inventor of punk rock, discuss his long career, the future, and swimming in Miami.
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Iggy Pop – 'Free' review

NME Live - 05 Sep 2019
Iggy's 18th solo album sees the rock'n'roll icon take control of his legacy with a contemplative and liberating collection.
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Can Iggy Pop hear the future?

The Washington Post - 11 Sep 2019
We've spent the entirety of Iggy Pop's rock-and-roll life poking at his abs, trying to figure out if he's beyond human. In the public imagination, he's the maniac ...
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Iggy Pop: Free - album review

Louder Than War - 02 Sep 2019
Iggy Pop returns with his follow up to 2016's Post Pop Depression. Described as a more "reflective" album, Free finds Iggy stretching his sound once more.

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