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iPhone 11シリーズは全モデルで3D Touch非搭載に

iPhone Mania - 11 Sep 2019
昨年発売されたiPhone XRには3D Touchが搭載されず、その代わりに長押しで強く押し込む操作を代替する触覚タッチが採用されていました。この時から3D Touchの廃止の可能性は指摘されていたのですが、iPhone 11シリーズからは完全に3D Touchは姿を消すことになり ...

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Macworld - 10 Sep 2019
Last year Apple called its lower-cost current-generation iPhone the “XR,” but this year's comparable model gets the dignity of simply being called the “iPhone 11.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone 11 at a press conference on Tuesday. The Onion runs down the most significant features and specs of the new ...

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During the iPhone 11 launch event, Apple teased a new photographic feature called Deep Fusion. But what is Deep Fusion, and will it help Apple stay ahead of ...

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