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What Happened on Capitol Hill on 9/11

TIME - 11 Sep 2019
It was very frustrating because at that time we had these secure phones, which had a key and buttons that you had to push, and between the two of us, we didn't connect. I had two phones on my desk—a secure phone to the White House and this regular old ...
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80's Mania to take you back in time

2GB - 20 Sep 2019
Luke Davis speaks to Richard Drummie, 80's Pop Star from 'Go West' ahead of 80's Mania at Enmore Theatre. Download this podcast here · Luke Davis.
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A Moment in Time: Message in a Bottle

Jewish Journal - 20 Sep 2019
Dear all, The past couple of weeks since the birth of Maya and Eli have been extraordinary at every level. As I was feeding Maya tonight, her eyes were.

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