Caroline Calloway, her “one-woman Fyre Fest,” and her ex-best friend Natalie, explained -
caroline calloway

I Was Caroline Calloway

The Cut - 10 Sep 2019
Caroline Calloway's ghostwriter, Natalie Beach, tells the Cut about her friendship with the Instagram influencer.
caroline calloway

An Instagram influencer's obsessing meltdown

Sydney Morning Herald - 15 Sep 2019
Who is Caroline Calloway? All she has ever wanted is for you to ask. For starters, the Instagram influencer who seems to be everywhere this week, from Twitter ...
caroline calloway

Everyone Writes. But Is Everyone a Writer?

The New York Times - 18 Sep 2019
In a video that began making the rounds last month, Meg Stalter describes herself as a writer in New York City (“can you get any more cliché than that, no you ...

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